Atieh Bozorg sohrabi

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More Birthday : 21 Sep 1976

Atieh Bozorg Sohrabi
Living in NYC, USA 
B.A. in Industrial Design

- The Italian Embassy in Tehran, Illustrating Marco Polo Calendar Nov.2011
- The Italian Embassy in Tehran, Illustrating an Italian Cookbook  Apr.2008
- The British Magic Council 
Iran, The magic pencil workshop Feb. 2007
- The Frankfurt Book Fair Tehran, Children s Book Illustration Nov.2005
- The Exhibition of 2000 Noma Concours Winning Works in Tehran ,Playing Oct.2002  
- The selected works published for the Iranian children and young adults, Children’s Book Council of Iran (IBBY)for illustration of “Gordafarid s Dream” Tehran Iran 2015
- The Diploma of Honor, The 6th Tehran International Biennial Illustration for illustration of “Gordafarid s Dream”,Tehran Iran 2013
- The Diploma of Honor, The 13th Salam Book Festival for illustration of “Pussy cat and Pussy mouse”, Tehran Iran 2010
- The Diploma of Honor, The 12th Salam Book Festival for illustration of “I love you”, Tehran Iran 2009
- The Diploma of Honor, Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, The 13th Children and Young Adult Book Festival for illustration of “once upon a time”, Tehran Iran 2008
- The Diploma of Honor, The 11th Salam Book Festival for illustration of illustration “30 Stories, 30 Nights”, Tehran Iran 2007
- The First Prize,The First Police Festival of Illustration, Tehran Iran 2007
- The Runner-up Prize, Noma Concours Japan 2006
- The Selected Work, 200th Birthday of Hans Christian Anderson, Children’s Book Council of Iran , Tehran Iran 2005
- The Diploma of Honor, The 2nd Festival of Illustration of Educational Books Tehran Iran 2005
- The Diploma of Honor, The First Winter Illustration Festival, Tehran Iran 2002
- The First Prize for the first book, The 5th Tehran International Biennial Illustration for illustration of “kochololo” Tehran Iran 2002
Selected & Participated:

-selected illustrations of “Me and The Big Apple” by Society of Illustrators of NYC, Illustrators 59, NYC,2016
- Exhibition of "New pictures from Iran" Denmark ,2015
-24th BIB Exhibition in Japan, Hiratsuka Art Museum and
Kawara Museum of Takahama city
Chiba city Museum of Art
Ashikaga Museum of Art
Urawa Art museum 2014-2015
-“Anarestan ,Current Childrens Book Illustration from Iran” in International Youth
Library ,Munich, Germany 2014
- The International Biennale of Illustration Bratislava 2003,2009,2015
- Iranian Illustration Exhibition in The Festival Tbilisi Book Days 2014
- The Exhibition of Iranian Illustration, The FrappantGallary , Humburg ,Germany 2012
- Exhibited at the 54th &55th International picture book exhibition "children's world" 2009-2010 & 2010-2011
- First exhibition of Iranian Illustration in Neurotitam Gallery , Berlin , Germany , 2011
- International Biennial of Illustration Golden Pen Belgrade 2005 &2007 &2009
- Au Dtorio Muricapal Augusto ca brita Barriero Italy 2008
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