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Shared Earth, A Collaborative Illustration-project

This theme refers to an ecological/sustainability/green theme, with some hint as well, of the fact that different people and different nations and cultures share this earth (which adds the theme of multi-culturalism). This project was a collaborative between Iran and United Kingdom, done by the Iranian free-lance illustrators and the students of the Tehran Art Universities (Iran) and students of the Worcester University (UK).

Each participant was allocated (by the two lecturers Piet Grobler and Ali Boozari) a partner from the other country. Each participant, in collaboration with his/her partner, created 2 images on A3 each, as part of a six-week project. Both participants started simultaneously and had one week to complete the first "layer". Both images then were emailed to the partner to work on the second layer/phase for another week. Each participant printed out the illustration, emailed to him/her partner and create the next "layer". After working on his/her layer, the participant scanned the illustration and emailed it back for the other to work on it again... and so forth. It means that each participant was working on each image 3 times and created two A3 illustrations over a period of six weeks. This on-line illustration exhibition launched on the occasion of the World Environment Day (5 June).